Our Foundation


we are established in 1993, now with New Brand SAUMYA steered by the foresight and wisdom of Mr. Indravadan Panchal (Electronic Graduate & M.B.A. Marketing) with the vision of becoming one of the best in Plastic Testing Equipments and Ancillary Machineries in the world.


Started with instrumentation industry providing solution of software and instruments for the different polymer testing application, the company started manufacturing of wide range of Plastic Testing Equipments since 1995. with focus on quallty & customer needs; SAUMYA products are designed with close adherence to national and International Standards.


Quallty & “Customer Satisfaction” are the two basic pillars of our company. By which we have earned the reputation in the national & international market within such a short period of time. SAUMYA Plastic Testing Machines are compact, sturdy, operator friendly and latast technology required for all testing and R & D equipments.SAUMYA is an ISO 9001-2008 company with professional management to ensure prompt delivery & services to our customers.


we have well planned manufacturing unit where quality is monitored from raw material to finished products. The collective wealth of experience of our team in the fields of production, quality control & Service for our Plastic Testing Equipments. marveling & servicing augurs well for our future. we have experienced & trained managers, engineers & workers to support our customers.


Our vision


For the development of the market reputation, we concentrate on the quality of Plastic Testing Machine by optimizing the value of the product through R & D.


To ascertain that every customer gains the benefit and value for money from our products designed with the latest technology and from our focused client servicing.


To achieve a wide customer base and acquire client satisfaction and to exceed their expectations by means of modern and cost effective technology by providing and customizing comprehensive solutions to client needs.


we expect to fulfill our aims & goals by commitment to suwerb quallty, which match industries standard, prompt services and by achieving customer delight.


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